a little bit about me


I┬árun a Natural Healing Consultancy offering nurturing, soothing treatments that allow deep restoration for your whole self ~ physical, emotional, psychological ~ ‘Soul Level Nourishing’.

My trainings and experience lie in different types of massage and bodywork, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi and working with the Human Energy Field and Chakras, often referred to as Spiritual Healing.

My father was a lay Homeopath and my mother came from a Herbal Medicine background ~ ‘all things natural’ was the medicine of choice at home, including prayer and connecting with Spirit. So it feels like my path has opened up in a most natural way.

Conscious commitment to self~healing enables integration of new patterns that open up within the healing journey. When we allow ourselves to take this journey of self~healing, it has a profound effect on everyone we come into contact with. There are so many levels where we can make a difference.