Holistic Therapies

Energy Balancing with Healing Chakra Work

Individual sessions of this gentle, yet powerful energy work for the whole body are deeply releasing and nurturing, profoundly relaxing and energising. Based upon the principles of Osteopathy and Acupressure, it uses gentle stretching and held still points around which the body can relax. Offering structural alignment and stability, promoting a deep sense of physical and emotional harmony, this reparative touch provides a safe respectful way to reconnect with our essential selves

1 hour -£65

Indian Champissage with Healing Chakra Meditation

In one powerful treatment on the upper body, combine the soothing effects of nurturing massage strokes with rebalancing the subtle energy centres. This session will re-energise the tired sore muscles in your upper back, neck and shoulders and soothe your head, brow and facial muscles, bringing comfort and relief. Closing with a Chakra Meditation, you will feel renewed.

40 minutes – £45

Energy Healing / Chakra Balancing

We each possess an energy field known as the subtle body, as important to our health as our physical anatomy. This complex network of energetic currents flows beyond the surface of the physical form. Working in this field will rebalance and harmonise you.

30 minutes – £35


Aromatherapy Massage

This full body massage treatment uses the healing properties of essential oils to relax and re-energise you.  A variety of revitalising strokes will encourage a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to sweep away accumulated toxins, deepening your breath, increasing your flexibility and ease of movement, improving your circulation, giving soothing comforting relief to aches and discomfort and increasing your sense of wellbeing.

Full body – 1 hour  £65    70 minutes  £75     80 minutes   £85

Back Neck & Shoulders – 30 minutes   £35

Pamper Days – Special Celebrations, Parties, Coffee Mornings….. can be arranged offering Holistic Delights

20% discount when you book 3 treatments

Concessions also available