Healing Treatments in Ealing

Lynne Carpenter

Natural Healing offers nurturing, soothing holistic treatments that allow deep restoration for your whole self ~ physical, emotional, psychological¬† ‘Soul Level Nourishing’.

My name is Lynne Carpenter and my work is based in West London, at Ealing Common. For 30 years I have been discovering the benefits of various holistic treatments and sharing them with different forms of Massage, Aromatherapy, Energy Balancing, Spiritual Healing, Yoga Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Indian Head Massage and working with the Human Energy Field or Subtle Body.

When we commit to self-healing, the knowledge that we discover on this journey, can piece us together and make us whole. The beauty of allowing this path to open up, has a profound effect on everyone we come into contact with. There are so many levels where we can make a difference.

If you are feeling stressed out by your work or family matters, if you’re struggling with anxiety or feeling low, maybe you’re body feels out of alignment, your shoulders and your back are stiff and painful, and you’d like to learn some kundalini yoga techniques to help or take a holistic approach to dealing with these issues. I can offer support and help you in your healing process.

Call me on 07402826426 so that we can discuss what would be most appropriate for you. And we can arrange an appointment for you to visit at Ealing Common. You can also email me at lynnezee@disroot.org